Common signs your roof needs cleaning

Blog | 05 Feb 2024 | 5 min read

A question we get asked a lot is, how do I know if my roof needs cleaning?

Overtime your roof will begin to show signs it is time to get it cleaned. A build-up of Algae, moss and lichens will cause lasting damage that could result in you needing to replace roof tiles if not your entire roof.

How to check if your roof needs cleaning

Regular roof cleaning is an important part of keeping your roof in good condition for as long as possible. Here's a list of the major warning signs that you can look out for. This should help you to determine if your roof needs a visit from a roof cleaning professional.

Visible growth on your roof

The most obvious sign that your roof needs cleaning is a build-up of moss or lichen. This is easy to spot from the ground, and the level of build up will visually be very obvious too. Leaving moss to grow will inevitably cause serious damage to your roof.

The bacteria that causes the moss to grow can get into cracks between roof tiles. Which can create larger gaps as the moss grows leading to water leaking into your property.

Leaky roofs and water damaged walls are costly to repair, so it is vital that the moss is cleared, preventing your roof being compromised.

Black streaks on your roof

If you notice black stains or streaks on your roof, you may think that its just dirt build up from the rain. What's more likely however is that those black patches are mould or algea growing on your roof. This is caused by airborne spores which settle on the roof, and thrive in the wet weather conditions we typically see in the Midlands.

Moss and mould grow back even after being cleared. At Tip Top Exteriors, we use a soft washing solution made up of made up of deturgents, bleach, algaecide and water. After moss removal we finish the roof clean  with a biocide, we can guarantee your roof will remain moss free for years.

Leaf build-up

If your property is in an area with a lot of trees, you might get a lot of leaves settling on your roof. This isn't normally a problem for most property owners, as the good old British weather will usually blow/wash the leaves into your gutters.

Leaves that are left to sit on the roof however will retain rain water on the roof. This will lead to the moss and mould growth that we have already discussed, and could rot the timber structure holding up your roof.

Blocked gutters

One of the main symptoms of gutter or downspout blockage is build up on the roof. Leaves, moss and other debris get washed off the roof in the rain, causing the material to collect in the gutters. This results in water overflowing from the guttering. Which in turn spreads the same algea from the roof to the external walls, and surrounding areas of the property. In severe cases, this overflowing water can find its way into the property causing damp and mould in the interior.

Whilst cleaning gutters is not a pleasant job it can be done yourself. It is messy, smelly and can be quite an awkward task. It becomes especially difficult if you have a conservatory or no clear way of accessing the gutters. You also need to be comfortable with working at height. We would recommend using a professional exterior cleaning service like us.

Damp in your property

Damp patches on your ceilings or walls inside your property are usually a good indicator that your roof could be leaking. This is the worst case scenario, but doesn't always mean you need a new roof. More often than not, we find excess moss growth on the roof has caused a gap large enough for water in enter the building. When cleaning a roof we can carry out simple repairs to fix an issue like this.

Your roof hasn't been cleaned for a while

You need to be proactive with your properties health, preventing damage is easier and cheaper than repairing. If it's been a few years since your roof was cleaned or you're not quite sure, get in touch with us. We'll pop round, survey your roof for free and provide a no obligation quote for the work we recommend, should your roof need cleaning.

Roof cleaning FAQs

What time of year should a roof be cleaned?

Roofs can be cleaned all year round, but its important to prepare for changes in weather such as heavy rainfall or hight winds. Poor weather conditions can make working at height dangerous.

Prevention is always better than cure, so maintaining the roof before the onset of wet weather will stop costly water damage to the property.

How long will a clean roof last?

After cleaning your roof should stay clean for up to 5 years. The roof may need cleaning more regularly, depending on the environment. A property surrounded by trees will be subject to a faster build up of leaves and other debris.

Can I clean the roof myself?

Roof cleaning is not a quick or easy task. There are a lot of things to consider before cleaning can begin. We advise you get your roof cleaned by an experienced roof cleaning contractor. Using the wrong cleaning chemicals, or technique could result in further damage to the roof.

Our team is trained and insured in all forms of external cleaning and repair, and working safely from both ground and at height.

How much does roof cleaning cost?

The cost of roof cleaning varies depending on a variety of factors. The price can be affected by the type of roof, how easy it is to access, and how much moss and dirt is built-up. Read more in our roof cleaning cost guide.

Why choose Tip Top Exteriors for roof cleaning in Halesowen

  • Experts trained in all forms external cleaning and repair, both from ground and at height.
  • All detergents and solvents used are eco-friendly and non-harmful to pets, plant life, and children. 
  • Full public liability insurance
    — up to £2,000,000
  • We always use the right tool for the job, even if it means using good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

Local roof cleaning company

Tip Top Exteriors are based in Halesowen and have been cleaning roofs in the surrounding areas for years. Areas we cover include:

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