Professional render cleaning and soft washing service for your property

Render cleaning service

Cleaning your Render is an essential task for property maintenance. Ignoring key signs that your render needs cleaning will cause lasting damage to the walls of your property.

Why do we use soft washing on your render

As opposed to traditional pressure washing techniques, a soft wash system uses a low-pressure chemical solution to remove organisms on external surfaces. Soft washing your roof is safe, eco-friendly, and effective. It will not damage or dislodge roof tiles.

Soft washing a roof will kill the moss, lichen, and containments to bring the colour back to almost new! It can achieve quicker results than others depending on what chemicals are used.  Soft washing will kill the moss and once dead the moss loses its adhesion which can then be rinsed away.

Removing the excessive moss first then applying the soft wash will give the best results and stop rapid re-growth of the moss for years to come.

We use eco-friendly chemicals when carrying out our soft wash services.

How do we clean your rendered property?

We clean your render by using a soft washing system. Render cleaning can take between 3 – 5 hours depending on the size of your property. We will need access to a standard household plug, and ideally the use of an outside tap.

  • Step 1: Moss Removal

    Remove the excessive moss from your render.
  • Step 2: Apply a soft wash.

    Our environmentally friendly soft washing mixture is applied to your render using our specialist soft wash equipment.
  • Step 3: The soft wash gets to work

    The soft wash will kill any moss, lichens or containments on your render and form a barrier to protect the render from regrowth for years to come.

We always clean up after ourselves and promise to leave your property clean and tidy as originally found after the cleaning process has been completed.

Let's get your render cleaned

  • Improve the look of your property
  • Prevent lasting damage to the walls of your property and save thousands 
  • Increase the lifespan of your render

How much does render cleaning cost?

All jobs are different, so we will give you a price after surveying the property.

When should I get my render cleaned?

Overtime your rendered walls will begin to show signs it is time to get it cleaned. A build-up of Algae, moss and lichens will cause lasting damage that could result in you needed to get your house re rendered.

The top 3 common signs that your roof needs cleaning:

  1. Visible growth on your walls.
  2. Black streaks on your walls.
  3. Damp inside/outside the walls which is caused from sitting water.

Why choose Tip Top Exteriors for render cleaning in Halesowen

  • Experts trained in all forms external cleaning and repair, both from ground and at height.
  • All detergents and solvents used are eco-friendly and non-harmful to pets, plant life, and children. 
  • Full public liability insurance
     — up to £2,000,000
  • We always use the right tool for the job, even if it means using good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

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